F3G-Association measures

Realized measures:

  • Guarantee of contingent places for F3G members in diverse child care institutions (daycare facility, kindergarten and after school care spaces)
  • Extension of babysitting and conference care service for F3G members
  • Financial support of specific F3G projects in FAU holiday childcare programmes (Lego Mindstorms, 3D Printing Project, …)
  • Extension of the holiday childcare programme to Nürnberg
  • Mobile family workspaces at many F3G locations at FAU
  • Pedagogic improvement of the infrastructure at FAU daycare facilities for children
  • Support of the Girls’ day and the Girls-and-Technology internship


Services for employees in F3G associations:

  • Individual coaching for junior scientists
  • Lectures and seminars regarding the topics enhancing careers of women, gender sensitisation, …
  • Workshops for employees in leading positions
  • Financing assistants for the support of research projects concerning issues of balancing work and family
  • Financing holiday childcare programmes
  • Support of emergency care programmes at problems of balancing work and family
  • Babysitting during conferences
  • Home office workspace for employees who engage in family care