Conference care service

Childcare at events of the University or the Universitätsklinikum

In cooperation with the family service, event organisers have the possibility to arrange for childcare for children of students, employees and other guests during their conferences, meetings, etc. at FAU or Universitätsklinikum.

The childcare programme will be arranged individually and will be customized for the number and age of the children. Therefore, it is recommendable to book the conference care service early in advance.


The location will be organized by the conference organiser. If you wish so, we can help you finding a suitable location. FAU students with experience in childcare will look after the children.

You also have the possibility to rent a KidsBox (mobile playroom). Costs for the conference childcare are beared by the conference organiser (if the conference is part of a special research project, the organiser can refinance the childcare expenses through DFG funds).


Please note: The organisation of childcarers depends strongly on the time of inquiry and availability of the students. We kindly ask you for your understanding if it will not be possible to organise childcare in all of the cases.



Via e-mail at the family service.

Telephone: 09131 85-26985


Please submit the following information:

  • Adress of the organiser and of the invoice recipient
  • Number and age of the children
  • Time period
  • Place
  • Hourly compensation
  • Special wishes or requirements for the childcarer


We are looking forward to your message!